Keep all your Dolls stylish this Holiday Season!

Harper’s tee



This is our favorite graphic tee ever... the message speaks for itself and in these times we need more of this in action.... women uplifting women... equality for all races and sexualities... and doing whatever we can to educate ourselves and make this world a better place.  With this in our hearts, this tee was inspired by a little angel named Harper...who has been diagnosed with spinal Atrophy Type 1... her mom is fiercely advocating for a costly treatment to save her life. Imagine being told there is a treatment that could save your child’s life but that it would cost you 2.8 million dollars... 2.8 million dollars that you didn’t have.  It’s not right to put a price on a child’s’s just not.   
We wanted to be able to do as much as we could and make what resources we had to donate more substantial. So every single dollar from the sale of this tee will go towards Harper’s Fundraiser... this is why the tees are $50...this way $50 goes towards her treatment goal and you get a great graphic tee that
 can help raise awareness for her cause.  Get yours now and be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Read more about Harper’s journey here.